The Moment of Conception

How many women have had sex and then instantly knew they were pregnant? I know for sure that has never happened to me and I have 3 kids.

I feel it’s almost impossible for something like that to happen, though I can be wrong so instead of impossible I’ll use very rare.

Now how many people have ever had a moment when you feel a shift in the atmosphere of your mind? Like you knew something was up but you weren’t exactly sure what. Something inside of you was conceived at that moment?

I know these moments can happen for some brilliant business idea you get or maybe a new recipe you just thought of while lying in bed. But what if it was something more and it happened right after we fail God?

What if you felt pregnant but your conception was with sin?

What if the moment you let go of your God-values and submitted to your flesh you felt the shift?

Now I believe it is worth mentioning that in order for a shift this dramatic to be felt you have to have been fully committed to God. Meaning though we mess up and sin daily you cannot have been living in sin.

Let me explain. When we walk directly next to God our lifestyle shifts. We talk differently, we think differently, we act more intentional, and our entire life shifts to a heavier God-valued life.

So when we mess up daily trying to live Gods way it is completely different from forgetting about Gods way and doing something that you know is not good for your relationship with Him.

God requires us to be more aware of life, more intentional with how we live every day. So He expects us to be mindful of what we watch, what we listen to, who we’re friends with, how we dress, what we think, what we believe, and so on.

He wants for our lives to look and feel completely different than before He was actively involved in them.

So it goes without saying that when we live a life like that and then fail Him in a more intentional, I-knew-what-is-was-doing-when-getting-into-this-sin type of way then a shift in your atmosphere is definitely felt.

A little into a pregnancy a woman’s body starts to feel different, she is now aware of hormonal changes happening within her. She KNOWS she is pregnant.

It is the same when we fall into sin.

If we’ve become pregnant with sin it is because we have CHOSEN to sleep with the enemy.

And because it is something we have chosen to do it is not something we can simply breeze by as if nothing happened and everything is still cool.

When you have a Christ-centered life, falling into sin isn’t something that tends to be a habit but because we all fall short of God’s standards (see Romans 3:23) then these moments can and will happen if we aren’t vigilant about everything coming into our lives.

1 Peter 5:8 (MSG)
Keep a cool head. Stay alert. The devil is poised (always on the ready) to pounce, and would like nothing better than to catch you napping. Keep your guard up.
[emphasis added]

We must always remain aware of the fact that the reality is everything we face in life is an opportunity to either move closer or further from God’s presence. I know a lot of people preach about people who turn everything into something spiritual. But the truth is that it is. (see Ephesians 6:12)

With every choice we make in every area of our lives we project who we serve. That’s why the Bible tells us over and over that, we must do everything for the Lord, pray constantly and for everything, lose our lives to find His, etc.

Sure some choices we make bring its own trials but sometimes it is the enemy trying to trip us up and sometimes it is God trying to shape our character. Regardless of where the storms come from the point of the storm is still the same. Who will you serve?

The great part about our God, (see the second half of Romans 3), is that He is generous with His kindness and grace, and though we don’t deserve it, He freely shows mercy on those who believe in His son and the meaning behind His sacrifice.

Life is real, sin is real, the devil is real and always on the ready. However, God is so much more than any and all of it! He has promised us so much more than what this world has to offer. And though the temptation of giving in to our desires and old habits is a real and constant battle we face daily, Gods mercy is new with every sunrise we experience. (see Lamentations 3:22,23)

Grace is when God gives us what we don’t deserve.
Mercy is when God doesn’t give us what we do deserve.



It’s Ok To Not Be Ok

How many times have found yourself at the end of your rope? Realizing that everything seems to be caving in all at the same time? Troubles from just about every angle show up and you just don’t feel equipt for the task. It’s time to go to church and you try to find any reason in the book not to go because, well, life.

But somehow you’re there.

You find yourself at church and suddenly your heart feels heavier than ever.

Instead of running to the altar and crying out to the Lord you’re sitting at the back of the room quietly crying, trying your best to remain out-of-sight? You don’t want to draw attention to your weariness. No one needs to see just how broken you’re feeling. Your life, your problems, right?

The thing is, even though you feel broken. Even though you feel like giving up. Even though you don’t even know how you managed to make it to church, you’re there. You made it because even in your brokenness your heart was receptive enough to the Lord’s direction.


And even if no one around you notices you, or no one cares to see your pain God does,  He is the only one whose opinion of us matters, and He loves us. He feels our pain. He hears our hearts crying out in our weakness. He sees all that we’ve been through and He knows our tanks are empty.

When we decide to show up, we find that God has already been waiting for us.

He has our backs. He is our strength. He is the only one who can truly help us through whatever storm we face. We expect so much from the people around us. We expect them to care. We expect them to help. We expect a lot. Yet for some odd reason, we usually expect God to leave us hanging when He is the only one who can meet us exactly where we are.

So I don’t care if you see me crying. I don’t care if you think something negative about me in my moments of weakness. Just because I breakdown does not mean I have fallen. I am human! I hurt. I feel. I get overwhelmed. I grow weary.


I’ve come to refuel. I need God to take my load and fill my spirit and so I’m here. I’m crying, I’m broken and I’m at my Father’s house expecting healing, expecting a breakthrough, expecting Him to breathe life into my heart once again.

I’m weak and I’m still learning so much about what it means to walk through life completely relying on Him. But He is my strength. He sees my heart and He has me in His hands.

So to all those looking at someone in church losing her cool.
Let her.
She’s kept it together long enough.

She showed up, give her a hand. 👏

   I am praying for everyone out there who needs a little grace. Anyone who is struggling through something they don’t see an outcome for. I want to remind you that the God we serve is capable of things we can’t even begin to imagine. So believe He can and don’t be afraid to ask Him for help. 

What does Gods voice sound like?

I know a big misconception people usually have about hearing Gods voice is that it will sound very much like Mufasa’s voice when he came to Simba in the clouds; very majestic and loud (Disney reference). While He can and has done that, it isn’t His go-to method of conversation.

Growing up I’ve always had the all to familiar question of “how do you hear Gods’ voice?” or “how do you know if God is talking to you?”. Typically answered with a “you just know” or “you’ll know when it happens”. While this is not too far from the truth it isn’t very clear for a young person.

However, I must say that I am in a season of clear communication with God and I feel so blessed and humbled to hear His plan for my life, my family, and my day-to-day goings on. I figured I’d speak out about the different ways that He has approached me in my life and hopefully that resonates with someone.



This might sound hard to understand but He speaks to me in my own mind most times. I legit hear Him in my thoughts. Now, it sounds like my regular thoughts voice (you know what I mean right?) but it is 100% the Lord’s words and wisdom giving me guidance, or answering questions I’ve been asking Him. Most times, because I’m strange that way, I think out loud. Some like to call that talking to yourself, guilty.

Now, I’m talking out loud but what I’m really doing is directing my conversation to the Lord. This is probably my best form of communication with Him and a lot of times, and this part is so cool, He’ll answer me right on the spot. Literally right after I’ve asked a question or made a complaint my mouth will shoot the answer, His answer, out like how an actual conversation would sound.

I get when people say “you’ll just know when it happens” because I know for a fact that when He responds to me that it is not my own words whatsoever. However, you do want to be in constant communication with Him for this to feel more obvious to you.
I talk with the Lord throughout my day. Which is what Paul meant in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 when he said: “pray without ceasing”.

God is legit my best friend! I go to Him for anything and everything. In joy, or frustration, with questions and even complaints. He is my person (Disney reference). So doing your part in talking to Him every day is essential to hearing Him on a more constant basis in your life.

Disclaimer: God is God and He can speak to you through your own reflection if He wanted to. This is more of a method of keeping a constant line of communication open with Him.


This is a big one for me because I LOVE music. I grew up in church singing and lyrics are my thing. So it makes sense for God to use this method as a big one for me.
It’s such an intense and awesome feeling because He sends the perfect song at the perfect time to my Pandora list. He gives me literal chills as the words to a song I’ve heard a million times before touches my spirit in a whole new way, and answers my questions or gives me an answer to my current situation.

I know it’s Him because aside from the goosebumps, I get a sense of enlightenment when He corrects me. I am filled with peace when He answers a question for me. And I feel great joy when He shows up to comfort me or even confirm something I’ve been praying about.


There is a season for everything and though I feel like dreams isn’t very high on my list these days because He is just so active in my thought life. This is still an area He has used to reveal things to me.

Sometimes I understand them perfectly, or I’ll wake up and talk to Him, out loud, about it and He’ll reveal it to me. But for dreams, most times I’m talking to my mom about it and He reveals it to her and she explains it to me. It really is such an awesome feeling when that happens because even though it sounded mixed up to me, there was a message in there and by having someone else decipher it, it made the message more perfectly from Him.


This might sound like it’s repeating the first one but it’s not. It’s not about being in conversation with Him, though isn’t that what this entire article is about. It’s about being in conversation with a friend or church member or family member and God speaking to you through that conversation.

This happens to me a lot and it can happen in two ways. You can be talking to the other person, encouraging them, giving them advice and in your words to them, God reveals that those words also apply to you. You get chills or your heart drops a bit just because you know at that moment it feels like God has placed His hand on your shoulder saying “Are you hearing this? This is for you too”, it’s truly an incredible feeling.

The other way could be someone talking and, sometimes without them even realizing it, they are revealing to you a word from God. Something you’ve had on your heart that He’s addressing. Sometimes they do know and will often tell you “I feel I need to tell you this..” and bam! just like that you’re in tears thanking God for His faithfulness.


Hearing from God is truly one of the BEST feelings in the world. I say one of because there are so many other things He can do to completely blow our minds.
But hearing from Him has been something I have felt so blessed to experience but it has also been something I have been so confused about in the past.

If it is one thing I’ve learned in these recent years is that if something comes to your mind or comes out of your mouth or pops up in your life and completely surprises you and really reveals something to you. Don’t take it lightly. Don’t pass it off as your own or as you being too… something.

God is always listening and if you take the time to open your mind and heart to whatever He has for you, you’ll hear Him too.

These are just a few ways God has spoken to me. I would LOVE to hear how He has revealed Himself to you in your life. Please share in the comments below. I’m excited to hear your answers.