When Fear Sneaks In

Have you ever been so overcome by something that all hope completely abandons you and faith doesn’t seem like enough?

It was about a little over a week ago, everything was going great. I had my bible time, my prayer time, my worship music constantly playing in the background. I would say my relationship with God was awesome.

Until one night, I got an attack from the enemy in that strange middle ground of being half asleep, half awake. I was able to come out of that in victory, glory be to God, but that night opened the door to fear in my life.

Whenever I would walk around I would look over my shoulders a lot because I would feel like I was seeing something just outside of my peripheral vision. I wouldn’t stay up too late anymore, the music played less and less, I forgot to read the word most days. These were all things I didn’t notice was happening, at the time.

Fear came in and completely blocked my relationship with God.


The Breaking Point

It was about two nights ago when I attempted to attend a party, with people I don’t truly know so well. Which is a big deal for me because I get social anxiety. But I thought, “God’s got me, I can do this”. Now, I wasn’t wrong to think that; God would’ve helped. However, I underestimated the amount of damage fear had caused on my mind by this time.

How’d the party go? It didn’t. At least not for me. I went in and walked out shortly after and from that moment on could not move myself to walk back in. I cried, I prayed, I begged God, but my feet would not move. I was terrified. I had a full blown panic attack and then left. (That’s another story for another day. Ha!)

I spent the next day extremely depressed and thinking all types of things that I know the enemy himself was feeding me.

The thing is, if we’re honest with ourselves and really listen in to Gods voice then we know that what we are experiencing is an attack from the enemy. However, just because we know this doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy to fight it off.

Why am I sharing all this?
God never left me. I heard His kind whisper that night telling me to give it another try. But I didn’t push myself out of my fear to listen. He constantly reassures me of His power, love, and authority every time I walk around scared. I have to purposely talk myself out of being afraid.

God told me this morning,

“Sometimes, it’s not about the storm as much as it is about how you come out of the storm”.

Has the enemy been trying to scare me out of a relationship with God? Yes.
Has it been hard to talk myself out of fear at night? Yes.
Has God ever left me hanging when I try? Never.

I have to talk myself out of fear, I have to remind myself and the enemy Who I serve. But every time I take that step of faith and proclaim God’s authority at that moment, God shows up. His love and comfort surrounds me.

There are times when it happens almost immediately, and moments where it takes a good fifteen minutes to manifest. Let me explain. It’s not that God is sleeping on me. The amount of time it takes depends on the amount of faith you have at that moment when you proclaim God’s Word.

Fear is simply the absence of faith.

We fear because we trust our fears more than God’s ability to rescue/protect us.
God has been an ever-present help in my life and on days where the enemy or life itself wants to try and make me forget that, I need to remind myself of God’s goodness and the promises He’s made to us in His Word.

Just as much work as it is to build a good close relationship with God, it’s double the work to protect it.

You might be going through a storm right now and you’re wondering what is the purpose of this? Why am I experiencing this? Honestly, only God can reveal that to you. However, sometimes we go through things to build endurance, to develop strength in the Word, to build our faith, to learn to trust in God. Sometimes it’s not about the storm itself but in the steps you take to get you through it that end up being the lesson.

So don’t let the enemy win! Don’t allow him the victory over your life!
Fight back in faith! Do it afraid and I promise you will feel God’s peace and authority fill you when you decide to take that step. Speak life into your mind. Whether you are fighting fear, anxiety, depression, anger, hurt, it doesn’t matter the storm. What matters is who are you going to turn to for help?

I am so grateful to have such a forgiving, kind, loving, compassionate God in my life. He understands my heart and He is working in me every day, even in my storms He reaches in and teaches me more about Him. He is so good and faithful. Don’t let the enemy distort who God is in your mind.

It may seem hard but it is definitely NOT impossible; not with God.


Small Faith

Did you know that God is the same God from the early Bible days, from when Jesus walked the earth, today, and for your kids’ kids in the future? He never changes, He always was, is, and will be. What He says is real and He will never go back on His word.

That being said, I feel like we see Him as someone completely different from the God of Moses and different from the God Jesus prayed to, different from the God who brought the Israelites a cloud and a column of fire, different from the God who made the walls of Jericho fall simply by the shouts of His people, different from the God who made the blind see and the paralytic walk. That was all the same God.

I went to a youth conference this weekend that was amazing. There was an amazing evangelist there Nathan Morris and he was one of those old school, God fearing, faith preaching, miracle believing preachers. When he was peaching he revealed to the youth some of Gods abilities. He prayed over people and their vision was restored, their legs were healed, literal movements from God were happening in that conference. As amazing as that sounds there were youth, after the session was over, talking about how unreal it all was. They would say things like “I can’t believe that, how can that even happen?” or “Those people were just faking it”.

It surprised me a little to listen to so many youth walk around in such disbelief and completely unaware of Gods ability to make miracles happen even today.

I asked my daughter this morning over breakfast, do you think, nowadays, that God can heal someone’s leg and they begin to walk instantly? Or that God can take a sickness away from someone? Or make someone see who couldn’t before? Her response, “no…”.

I had such a strong blow to the gut realization of just how much unbelief and doubt runs deep through our young ones these days. Not only them but all of us. The bible says that if you would have faith, IN GOD, the size of a mustard seed, which is so tiny y’all, then He will do BIG THINGS through you.


mustard seed
Photo from Garden In Delight

Isn’t it crazy to think that’s all it takes for God to work through us, faith that small!

Doesn’t it make you feel some type of way to know that we don’t believe not even that much in God’s ability to be GOD? The bible says, if you pray, BELIEVING that God CAN do it, you will receive it. These are promises from God. He is telling us that He can. Jesus said while here on this earth when someone asked him to heal their daughter and the guy told Jesus “if you can” Jesus said, “what do you mean if I can, anything is possible if you believe”.


God can do anything, and anything is possible with Him. He keeps this Earth in rotation, He calls the sun and moon to rise, He is the oxygen flowing through our lungs, He brings the wind and rain.

Science is the worlds way of writing off Gods goodness.

We need to go back to the basics and start preaching about God and Who He is. People have forgotten that He is bigger than every thought in our minds about Him. We need to go back to the stories of Gods work and preach on how that can look today in our lives. We can preach about the commandments and communion and hardships all day but if we forget to preach about The One who causes ALL THINGS TO BE we are failing in some way to teach the people of who we are truly saying yes to. We need to bring back teachings about faith, miracles, believing, authority, and trust.
If you truly knew Who God is, you wouldn’t doubt anymore.
If you truly knew what God can do, He’d be your first call.
If you truly knew what He has done for you, you’d be dedicated to Him for life.
If you truly believed in all He promises you wouldn’t be able to keep your mouth closed.

When I think about how much I have doubted the Lord it makes me sad.
Faith the size of a mustard seed! That’s small! It amazes me just how little faith we truly have if we can’t even match the size of a mustard seed.
Today I own up to my lack of faith. I take responsibility for not sharing Who God is with the world. I own up to not believing in all that He has promised us and cry out to the Lord,
“I do believe, But help me overcome my unbelief!”

What does Gods voice sound like?

I know a big misconception people usually have about hearing Gods voice is that it will sound very much like Mufasa’s voice when he came to Simba in the clouds; very majestic and loud (Disney reference). While He can and has done that, it isn’t His go-to method of conversation.

Growing up I’ve always had the all to familiar question of “how do you hear Gods’ voice?” or “how do you know if God is talking to you?”. Typically answered with a “you just know” or “you’ll know when it happens”. While this is not too far from the truth it isn’t very clear for a young person.

However, I must say that I am in a season of clear communication with God and I feel so blessed and humbled to hear His plan for my life, my family, and my day-to-day goings on. I figured I’d speak out about the different ways that He has approached me in my life and hopefully that resonates with someone.



This might sound hard to understand but He speaks to me in my own mind most times. I legit hear Him in my thoughts. Now, it sounds like my regular thoughts voice (you know what I mean right?) but it is 100% the Lord’s words and wisdom giving me guidance, or answering questions I’ve been asking Him. Most times, because I’m strange that way, I think out loud. Some like to call that talking to yourself, guilty.

Now, I’m talking out loud but what I’m really doing is directing my conversation to the Lord. This is probably my best form of communication with Him and a lot of times, and this part is so cool, He’ll answer me right on the spot. Literally right after I’ve asked a question or made a complaint my mouth will shoot the answer, His answer, out like how an actual conversation would sound.

I get when people say “you’ll just know when it happens” because I know for a fact that when He responds to me that it is not my own words whatsoever. However, you do want to be in constant communication with Him for this to feel more obvious to you.
I talk with the Lord throughout my day. Which is what Paul meant in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 when he said: “pray without ceasing”.

God is legit my best friend! I go to Him for anything and everything. In joy, or frustration, with questions and even complaints. He is my person (Disney reference). So doing your part in talking to Him every day is essential to hearing Him on a more constant basis in your life.

Disclaimer: God is God and He can speak to you through your own reflection if He wanted to. This is more of a method of keeping a constant line of communication open with Him.


This is a big one for me because I LOVE music. I grew up in church singing and lyrics are my thing. So it makes sense for God to use this method as a big one for me.
It’s such an intense and awesome feeling because He sends the perfect song at the perfect time to my Pandora list. He gives me literal chills as the words to a song I’ve heard a million times before touches my spirit in a whole new way, and answers my questions or gives me an answer to my current situation.

I know it’s Him because aside from the goosebumps, I get a sense of enlightenment when He corrects me. I am filled with peace when He answers a question for me. And I feel great joy when He shows up to comfort me or even confirm something I’ve been praying about.


There is a season for everything and though I feel like dreams isn’t very high on my list these days because He is just so active in my thought life. This is still an area He has used to reveal things to me.

Sometimes I understand them perfectly, or I’ll wake up and talk to Him, out loud, about it and He’ll reveal it to me. But for dreams, most times I’m talking to my mom about it and He reveals it to her and she explains it to me. It really is such an awesome feeling when that happens because even though it sounded mixed up to me, there was a message in there and by having someone else decipher it, it made the message more perfectly from Him.


This might sound like it’s repeating the first one but it’s not. It’s not about being in conversation with Him, though isn’t that what this entire article is about. It’s about being in conversation with a friend or church member or family member and God speaking to you through that conversation.

This happens to me a lot and it can happen in two ways. You can be talking to the other person, encouraging them, giving them advice and in your words to them, God reveals that those words also apply to you. You get chills or your heart drops a bit just because you know at that moment it feels like God has placed His hand on your shoulder saying “Are you hearing this? This is for you too”, it’s truly an incredible feeling.

The other way could be someone talking and, sometimes without them even realizing it, they are revealing to you a word from God. Something you’ve had on your heart that He’s addressing. Sometimes they do know and will often tell you “I feel I need to tell you this..” and bam! just like that you’re in tears thanking God for His faithfulness.


Hearing from God is truly one of the BEST feelings in the world. I say one of because there are so many other things He can do to completely blow our minds.
But hearing from Him has been something I have felt so blessed to experience but it has also been something I have been so confused about in the past.

If it is one thing I’ve learned in these recent years is that if something comes to your mind or comes out of your mouth or pops up in your life and completely surprises you and really reveals something to you. Don’t take it lightly. Don’t pass it off as your own or as you being too… something.

God is always listening and if you take the time to open your mind and heart to whatever He has for you, you’ll hear Him too.

These are just a few ways God has spoken to me. I would LOVE to hear how He has revealed Himself to you in your life. Please share in the comments below. I’m excited to hear your answers.