Small Faith

Did you know that God is the same God from the early Bible days, from when Jesus walked the earth, today, and for your kids’ kids in the future? He never changes, He always was, is, and will be. What He says is real and He will never go back on His word.

That being said, I feel like we see Him as someone completely different from the God of Moses and different from the God Jesus prayed to, different from the God who brought the Israelites a cloud and a column of fire, different from the God who made the walls of Jericho fall simply by the shouts of His people, different from the God who made the blind see and the paralytic walk. That was all the same God.

I went to a youth conference this weekend that was amazing. There was an amazing evangelist there Nathan Morris and he was one of those old school, God fearing, faith preaching, miracle believing preachers. When he was peaching he revealed to the youth some of Gods abilities. He prayed over people and their vision was restored, their legs were healed, literal movements from God were happening in that conference. As amazing as that sounds there were youth, after the session was over, talking about how unreal it all was. They would say things like “I can’t believe that, how can that even happen?” or “Those people were just faking it”.

It surprised me a little to listen to so many youth walk around in such disbelief and completely unaware of Gods ability to make miracles happen even today.

I asked my daughter this morning over breakfast, do you think, nowadays, that God can heal someone’s leg and they begin to walk instantly? Or that God can take a sickness away from someone? Or make someone see who couldn’t before? Her response, “no…”.

I had such a strong blow to the gut realization of just how much unbelief and doubt runs deep through our young ones these days. Not only them but all of us. The bible says that if you would have faith, IN GOD, the size of a mustard seed, which is so tiny y’all, then He will do BIG THINGS through you.


mustard seed
Photo from Garden In Delight

Isn’t it crazy to think that’s all it takes for God to work through us, faith that small!

Doesn’t it make you feel some type of way to know that we don’t believe not even that much in God’s ability to be GOD? The bible says, if you pray, BELIEVING that God CAN do it, you will receive it. These are promises from God. He is telling us that He can. Jesus said while here on this earth when someone asked him to heal their daughter and the guy told Jesus “if you can” Jesus said, “what do you mean if I can, anything is possible if you believe”.


God can do anything, and anything is possible with Him. He keeps this Earth in rotation, He calls the sun and moon to rise, He is the oxygen flowing through our lungs, He brings the wind and rain.

Science is the worlds way of writing off Gods goodness.

We need to go back to the basics and start preaching about God and Who He is. People have forgotten that He is bigger than every thought in our minds about Him. We need to go back to the stories of Gods work and preach on how that can look today in our lives. We can preach about the commandments and communion and hardships all day but if we forget to preach about The One who causes ALL THINGS TO BE we are failing in some way to teach the people of who we are truly saying yes to. We need to bring back teachings about faith, miracles, believing, authority, and trust.
If you truly knew Who God is, you wouldn’t doubt anymore.
If you truly knew what God can do, He’d be your first call.
If you truly knew what He has done for you, you’d be dedicated to Him for life.
If you truly believed in all He promises you wouldn’t be able to keep your mouth closed.

When I think about how much I have doubted the Lord it makes me sad.
Faith the size of a mustard seed! That’s small! It amazes me just how little faith we truly have if we can’t even match the size of a mustard seed.
Today I own up to my lack of faith. I take responsibility for not sharing Who God is with the world. I own up to not believing in all that He has promised us and cry out to the Lord,
“I do believe, But help me overcome my unbelief!”


It’s Ok To Not Be Ok

How many times have found yourself at the end of your rope? Realizing that everything seems to be caving in all at the same time? Troubles from just about every angle show up and you just don’t feel equipt for the task. It’s time to go to church and you try to find any reason in the book not to go because, well, life.

But somehow you’re there.

You find yourself at church and suddenly your heart feels heavier than ever.

Instead of running to the altar and crying out to the Lord you’re sitting at the back of the room quietly crying, trying your best to remain out-of-sight? You don’t want to draw attention to your weariness. No one needs to see just how broken you’re feeling. Your life, your problems, right?

The thing is, even though you feel broken. Even though you feel like giving up. Even though you don’t even know how you managed to make it to church, you’re there. You made it because even in your brokenness your heart was receptive enough to the Lord’s direction.


And even if no one around you notices you, or no one cares to see your pain God does,  He is the only one whose opinion of us matters, and He loves us. He feels our pain. He hears our hearts crying out in our weakness. He sees all that we’ve been through and He knows our tanks are empty.

When we decide to show up, we find that God has already been waiting for us.

He has our backs. He is our strength. He is the only one who can truly help us through whatever storm we face. We expect so much from the people around us. We expect them to care. We expect them to help. We expect a lot. Yet for some odd reason, we usually expect God to leave us hanging when He is the only one who can meet us exactly where we are.

So I don’t care if you see me crying. I don’t care if you think something negative about me in my moments of weakness. Just because I breakdown does not mean I have fallen. I am human! I hurt. I feel. I get overwhelmed. I grow weary.


I’ve come to refuel. I need God to take my load and fill my spirit and so I’m here. I’m crying, I’m broken and I’m at my Father’s house expecting healing, expecting a breakthrough, expecting Him to breathe life into my heart once again.

I’m weak and I’m still learning so much about what it means to walk through life completely relying on Him. But He is my strength. He sees my heart and He has me in His hands.

So to all those looking at someone in church losing her cool.
Let her.
She’s kept it together long enough.

She showed up, give her a hand. 👏

   I am praying for everyone out there who needs a little grace. Anyone who is struggling through something they don’t see an outcome for. I want to remind you that the God we serve is capable of things we can’t even begin to imagine. So believe He can and don’t be afraid to ask Him for help.