Bible Study: Proverbs

Because; Then

If you follow me on social media then you would have been informed of my October challenge where I have decided to read through the book of Proverbs, one chapter a day; 31 chapters for 31 days.

I started out with the intent of just simply finding a little nugget of gold and quote that everyday.
I thought it’d be best to keep it short and simple.

However, that is not what happened.

I could not help but take six pages of notes and then feel completely destroyed when I had to think of just keeping it to one verse for the day.

So here is a brief rundown of Proverbs chapter one via my take and notes. If you haven’t read Proverbs chapter one then it might be a good idea to read it to gain some context of what you’ll see here.
I’ve read using the ESV and NLT versions but feel free to use your own preference.

To start, we must first come into this knowing that absolutely everything is under Gods complete control and there is nothing outside of it.
Starting there gives us a good understanding of the direction of everything else we read, see, and experience.

And this is what it means to have “the fear of the LORD”.
It is to know that He can speak anything in and out of existence.
He can change and create circumstances at His will.
He can decide, place, remove, and transform, platforms, kings, and any authority under the sun.
Knowing that He is not only Creator of all that is seen but of all that is unseen as well. That not only includes, spirits and forces but also knowledge and wisdom. Which brings us to chapter one.

It is clearly mentioned, God clearly promises, a life with justice, wise dealings, common sense and honesty. He promises to “make His ways known to us”. He promises us safety, to live without dread of disaster.

These all sound so great and I know that we all want these things to be 100% true in our daily lives.
And for some, it might very well be. But for others, if it’s not, why not?

The word ‘because’ is used a few times and it is usually used to explain a reason why.
Due to blank, or because of blank, this has happened.
That is exactly how it is used in this text.

Because He has called and we ignored.
Because He has reached out His hand and we rejected it.
Because He corrected us and warned us but we did not listen.
Because He has tried to guide us but we turned away from Him.

Then He will watch our inevitable fall.
Then terror will strike us.
Then misfortune will follow us.
Then distress, heartache and misery will walk with us.

The ‘thens’ feel a little more common, if we’re being honest with ourselves.

But there’s more.

Because we hated His knowledge.
Because we chose not to respect the LORD.
Because we did not take His advice.

Then we will reap what we sow.
Then we invite the consequences of our choices.

The entire book of Proverbs is a great daily dose of right and wrong, of good and bad, of where to go and where not to go, of who to hang around and who to walk away from, of what to say and what not to say.

The entire Bible is all about showing us Gods character, opening our eyes to see His help and plan for our lives, and teaching us how to live a life with purpose, intention, and integrity.

I am truly encouraged with even just this first chapter because they not only started with what we could receive and expect but it ended with such a great assurance and comfort as well.
“To dwell secure and at ease, to live without dread of disaster” (ESV).
“To live in peace, untroubled by fear of harm” (NLT).

I truly look forward to diving into the book of Proverbs this month and if you enjoyed reading my thoughts on chapter one, then feel free to leave me a comment, let’s talk, ask questions, dive deeper.
And share this with anyone you’d love to dissect this topic with even further.

My goal was to keep it short and thoughtful but there is still so much we could dig out of this one chapter. I get so excited and encouraged when I come out of reading Gods Word with a renewed hope and a sense of peace for the future.
I pray you were encouraged today and may we remember to bring God into every moment of our day.

A Brief Word Study
Wisdom: caution/foresight, intelligence, good judgement, understanding
Insight: vision, divination (prophecy)
Equity: fair-mindedness, honesty, integrity
Prudence: frugality, careful calculation
Discretion: maturity, common sense, attention to the future
Reproof: disapproval, correction
Complacency: a false sense of security while unaware of potential danger, smugness

Simpletons: have not hardened themselves against Gods wisdom and are most open to correction.
Fools: have heard Gods wisdom but resist it.
Mockers: not only resist wisdom but ridicule it.

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